Advanced Education Tailored To Achieve Your Highest Potential

The intense and fun face-to-face day workshops and tutoring sessions that we offer are focused on facilitating the learning of human physiology, mathematics and biology that is covered at secondary and tertiary institutions with a view to improve and complement your performance. The teaching strategies used are supported by the current literature and will provide you with a competitive edge.

Who is going to benefit?

  • Medical studentsPicture of a group of students engaging in a teamwork activity
  • Bachelor of Science students
  • Bachelor of Medical Science students
  • Pharmacy students
  • Exercise physiology students
  • Nursing/emergency services
  • Medical Doctors 
  • Dieticians
  • Naturopaths
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about the human body, biology or mathematics

Why enrol with us?

  • Small Group Sizes
  • Highly qualified and experienced educators
  • Possibility for ongoing support and mentoring
  • Face to face teaching
  • Learn secondary level content
  • Learn tertiary level content
  • To improve your grades
  • To reflect on and improve your learning style
  • To improve your generic skills