Dr Isabel Arnaiz

Dr Isabel Arnaiz (the founder) has an extensive academic background of over 14 years researching, course coordinating, marking, setting of exams and assessments, tutoring, demonstrating and lecturing at The University of Sydney. She played a significant role in the development of the current coursework in the Bachelor of Medical Science (BMED) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) physiology Units of study. This has made her well aware of the requirements that students face during their academic life as well as the type of questions and assessments that are used to determine student achievement. 

She completed a Bachelor of Science degree (first class honours) at The University of Sydney in 2000. She then completed a PhD in physiology in 2006. Dr Arnaiz worked as a demonstrator and at times as a tutor for The University of Sydney. It was during this exposure that she realised how passionate she was about helping individuals reach their highest academic achievements. Upon completion of her PhD she was employed as a tutor and not long after as a teaching focused lecturer by the University of Sydney.  

In 2012, Mr Dodson, Associate Professor Stephen Assinder, Dr Stuart Fraser and Dr Isabel Arnaiz completed an eLearning platform that was introduce into the senior Unit of Study, Human Cellular Physiology curriculum. This platform provides a novel way in which students can learn about experimental methodology.

In 2013, DR Mloni Muir, Taylor C, Drury H, Arnaiz I, Owens C, Bridgeman were successful in receiving an IT pedagogical design support Application for eLearning Projects for Engaged Enquiry: 'Using Paraphrasing and Short Writing Tasks to Promote Understanding and Academic Skills in Science'.

In 2014, Dr Sharon Herkes, Dr Dane King,Dr Clare Gordon-Thomson, Dr Meloni Muir and Dr Isabel Arnaiz successfully received an Innovation grant: 'Reducing failure rates using games to learn core concepts'. The memory card game; eflip; that came out of this application was introduced into intermediate physiology Units of Study during second semester 2015. 

In November 2015, she was awarded in collaboration with Dr Dane King, Dr Sharon Herkes, Mr Nicholas Randal and Dr Clare Gordon-Thomson an Academic Excellence award for support of the student experience by the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney. The award was for introducing a blended learning program for practical classes in the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMED) intermediate physiology.



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