About us


The compassionate weight reduction approach by Dr Isabel Arnaiz BSc (honours) PhD Grad Cert Ed Stud is based on the idea that each individual human being is unique. Each has a distinct physiological make up and belief system. Isabel takes extreme and detailed care to ensure that the custom design weight reduction plan is a perfect match for you. During this journey you will build a strong mentoring relationship with Isabel as she educates and guides you. 

This method aims to empowers you to release weight and then maintain it long term, it is not a quick fix but a comitment to your health. You will release weight slowly over a long period of time permanently. You will eat all types of foods and you will eat until you are satisfied. It will require slowly changing your way of life by making simple and realistic changes to your habits. These changes will be embedded within your current lifestyle and therefore effortless.

What you will NOT do in this program is count calories or omit complete food groups. And you will certainly not feel guilty about eating.

It is essential to reduce weight slowly. This will allow the brain to adapt to the new set point preventing sudden gains in weight. This is particulaly true if you have been following an unrealistic weight loss scheme that resulted in large amounts of weight loss. These schemes generally cause a rebound effect that returns you to your original weight.

Isabel believes health needs to be one, if not the highest, priority in our life because without health we cannot do anything.  In other words, we need to care, accept, cherish and respect our bodies in order to have an abundant and fulfilling life. 

'Health comes first'

A large component of this program will involve empowering clients to make informed decision(s) about their lifestyle by learning about the functioning of the body. Initially, every week you will meet (with Isabel personally or through zoom). These weekly sessions allow an oportunity to discuss progress, make new changes, learn about a new aspect of the body and to voice any concerns. It usually takes four weeks to really get to know you in depth, your habits, your believes, your medical history and the foods you consume. After this we usually meet monthly, then every 6 months and finally yearly.