About us

The teaching supported by Paths to One is based on the idea that each individual student is unique. Each has a distinct learning pedagogy that will enable them to reach their highest academic potential. We aim to help students identify their best learning style through self-awareness and reflection while simultaneously facilitating learning of difficult secondary and tertiary educational content. The workshops are designed to complement and support students through their academic life. Helping to  empower students to be the drivers of their own learning.

We all experience different environments and challenges as we grow up and these have contributed to the current and individual patterns and styles of learning that we posses.The idea that we all come to an understand of a particular topic area through an individual path is taken into consideration when the products and services are designed. We have combined multiple of the teaching strategies that the research literature has shown to be successful into a new way of facilitating student driven learning. It is a holistic way of teaching.  The sessions consist of a maximum number of twenty students with a view to allow us to spend sufficient time with each individual. They are also layered with generic attribute building activities that will be essential when entering the workforce. These include presentation skills, report-writing skills, effectively working as part of a team, etc. Students also have the option to get continuous mentoring or coaching during the semester and in preparation for exams. Our mission is to make learning fun through game playing and engaging sessions, so come along and join us to experience  a new way of learning.



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