Dr Arnaiz,

I just wanted to email and say thank you so much for all your work this year across the BMedSci core units. I loved 2406, and really enjoyed the way that everything came together under the endocrine / hormone umbrella, but still managed to cover such a diverse range of bodily function and physiology. It was a really fun unit. 

The presentations, especially, were a really wonderful experience. Not only did they give me the chance to learn about nine or ten different endocrine diseases in a single sitting, but also to meet and interact with some of the other students that I may not otherwise have gotten to know during the year, which was nice! It looked like it was a lot of work coordinating all the marking, so I just wanted to say thanks for that, and that it was a really valuable experience for me!

Finally, thanks to you and everyone involved in the physiology practicals across all the disciplines this year. They were a lot of fun, and it was quite exciting to get a chance to use the XLab and other CPC facilities in their first year! The toad nerve and diuretics pracs were definitely some of my favourites (and can I just say again how helpful it was when you stayed afterwards to help go over the countercurrent system in the nephron with us -- so thank you again for that!).

Have a fantastic summer, and thanks again for a really enjoyable year in BMedSci!

Best regards,

Benjamin Russell

"As a Science student, Dr Isabel Arnaiz was one of my lecturers and tutors for Human Physiology. A motivated, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable lecturer, Dr Arnaiz strived to ensure that each of her lessons was well organised, enjoyable, and the content readily understood. She was also available should any student experiencing difficulty require additional help and support. Anyone fortunate to be taught by Dr Arnaiz would be able to see just how passionate and enthusiastic she is regarding teaching and learning, and I would highly recommend her to anyone." - Larissa

I have worked under Dr. Isabel Arnaiz for 5 years at the University of Sydney, who was an academic tutor for second year Bachelor of Medical Science physiology units. Having worked with Isabel for a long time, I have first-hand knowledge of her outstanding abilities in academia. Isabel is a highly experienced tutor who thoroughly understands the needs of students, as each year, she has taught on average 60 students per class. Isabel is highly organised and pays close attention to detail when preparing her lessons. She prepares the complex, content-rich material in a manner that is easy for students to grasp the fundamentals of physiology. Isabel is extremely diligent and passionate about teaching; her goal has always been to ensure that the students receive adequate knowledge of the course material. She is also friendly and approachable to answer any questions that students or other staff members may have. I would highly recommend Dr. Isabel Arnaiz as a tutor to anyone that is serious about learning.

Anchal Lal

My academic experience with Dr Isabel Arnaiz has been truly incredible throughout the duration of my study.  Dr Isabel Arnaiz has helped turn my academic experience from the worst to the better. Through constant support, help and communication from Dr Isabel Arnaiz, I was able to achieve my academic goals. I am glad that I approached her during my studies for help.

Kieren Kumulia

Testimonial: Dr Isabel Arnaiz

Dr Isabel Arnaiz, the director and creator of ‘Paths to One’ has a wealth of experience in educating tertiary students. From 2000 – 2015 she was a lecturer, tutor and course co-ordinator in the School of Medical Sciences, Sydney University. Whilst at Sydney University Dr Isabel Arnaiz was influential in the development and publication of the currently used online practical courses for intermediate physiology and various other courses. This led to Dr Isabel Arnaiz together with her team being recognized by a Sydney Medical School Academic Excellence Award in 2015.  Dr Isabel Arnaiz and her colleagues were also awarded a Sydney University Innovation Grant that has allowed for the development of an educational card game App that students can use for improving their grades.

Many students find learning the multifaceted concepts of human biology and physiology particularly challenging.  These disciplines require knowledge in and the integration of the fundamental principles of anatomy, physics, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology. Dr Isabel Arnaiz has exceptional skills in implementing learning pathways for every student to apply and develop their own comprehensible reasoning. She is a dedicated, inspirational and empathic educator with a passion for improving the student experience and learning.  I strongly recommend Dr Isabel Arnaiz at ‘Paths to One’ to be your ‘go to’ person to improve your understanding of human biology and physiology.

Clare Gordon-Thomson (PhD)