Release Weight Compassionately

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Are you feeling hopeless, no matter what you do, you can't lose weight?

Do you struggle counting calories?

Would you like to lose weight without feeling hungry?

Are you confused with all the weight-loss programs out there?

Are you sick of restricting whole food groups, restricting food intake, and being hungry all the time?

Then this book can help you. This book provides practical and research-based methods that help you make significant changes to your weight and your health. It will show you how you can take small simple steps based on physiology to reduce weight, long term. The book will help you understand how the body works to empower you in making the right lifestyle choices. No longer will you be fooled by crazy weight-loss schemes.

You will learn how to release weight in a manner that is compassionate, without hunger, without painful calorie counting, and without drawn-out menu planning so you can have the fulfilling life you deserve. Once again, you will be able to enjoy eating food without worrying about how it affects your weight