Nutritional Consultation

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Product Overview

During your initial nutritional consultation, Dr Isabel Arnaiz will perform a thorough evaluation of your current heath and gather a general overview of your nutritional status. She will take into consideration any chronic illnesses, medications, supplements, investigations/exams and blood test results that you may have. During this consultation together with Dr Isabel Arnaiz, you will work out an estimate of how many consultations are required. You will also come up with an achievable goal to be reviewed at the next consultation.

In additional consultations, a detail analysis on all nutritional components will be performed. This will include proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats. Apart from establishing a balanced diet we will also work towards introducing and eliminating foods to improve any underlying health conditions.

All consultations aim to empower you by providing supporting research evidence and easy to follow physiological explanation that explain how the changes you are making will provide a benefit. The end goal been that you will eventually be able to have a balanced and healthy diet without having to come back to see us.

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