Release Weight Compassionately Consultation

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Have you tried to lose weight repeatedly only to put the weight back on?

Are you confused by all the different diets?

Are you tired of feeling hungry?

There is a lack of understanding about obesity in the general population. Most believe that weight reduction is about reducing calories and doing more exercise. This may work short-term, but it will not provide long lasting results for most individuals. There are many other factors that affect your weight including but not limited to types of foods you eat, your genetics, other lifestyle factors, economic factors, stress, hormonal profile, etc. In addition to this, there is a stigma towards overweight and obese individuals which compounds the difficulty in permanent weight reduction.

Overweight and obese individuals are at times seen as lazy and to blame for the state of their body. This perception is however changing. In 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) classified obesity as a complex chronic disease that requires treatment. Health practitioners and the public are placing less blame on the overweight and obese individuals as they start to better understand hormonal regulation of hunger/satiety and metabolism.

Dr Isabel Arnaiz will work with you to identify changes that you can make to your diet and lifestyle that are achievable and help to shift your hormonal profile to one for weight reduction. These consultations are not a quick fix but a long-term commitment to your health that will bring you long lasting results and in turn a more fulfilling life. This process involves epigenetics which simply means that by making changes in our environment we change the expression of genes and in turn proteins within our bodies. You will not feel hunger or count calories with the changes that we make. 

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