Feng Shui for Health

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Product Overview

Are you feeling tired and worn down all the time?

Do you have anxiety or are you finding it hard to sleep?

Are you suffering a serious health condition that does not seem to get better no matter what you do?

Feng Shui can help you.

Research has shown that our environment can affect our health.4 For example, a chaotic house with clutter and ambient noise may affect a mother's and father's ability to do high quality parenting.Researchers from the University of East London and University of Sussex concluded in their research that clutter is a significant predictor of wellbeing.And Špela Kry┼żanowski in 2021 found that Feng Shui could significantly improve sleep.These are just some of the health benefits of adopting Feng Shui practices.

In this consultation we will focus on areas of the house related to your health such as the kitchen and bedroom. Additionally, we will look at the environment that is external and surrounds your home. We will tell you exactly what you need to do, to help improve your health. And you will know exactly what areas of the house are better suited to do health related activities. 

To get started you will need to provide

  • your date of birth,
  • hour of birth,
  • address,
  • a plan of your home,
  • the date you moved into your home,
  • last time the home was renovated and
  • the direction your home faces.

Once we have all this information we can do a pre-consultation. We then organise a time to come  to your house and complete an audit. Ideally this would happen in person, although alternatives can be arranged (Note - additional travel charges may apply).

During the consultation we will inspect the home's interior and the surrounding area outside the house. This is to determine the energies that are impacting the home and the residents. We may ask you multiple questions to understand the underlying problem/s. A time will be arranged to follow up with a Zoom meeting were recommendations will be discussed. This generally takes about an hour. We will then email you a copy of the recommendations.

We are based in the Blue Mountains, Sydney. Consultations outside these areas will incur a travelling expense.


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