Health Coaching Session


Are you worried that you are missing some nutrients in your diet?

Are you always tired?

Do you have other health concerns?


We help you achieve your health goals by doing a thorough review of your diet and your lifestyle. We have an extensive understanding of physiological and nutritional knowledge in addition to coaching experience so we can provide a whole-body approach to your health.

The idea of these health coaching sessions is to educate you to a level where you no longer require our assistance. Any questions that you have can be addressed during these sessions. You will be investing money and time to gain knowledge that will last you a lifetime. It will improve your health and those that you care about.


"Knowlege is power." - Sir Francis Bacon


We provide someone for you to be accountable to, which can be helpful when trying to make changes to your life. Changing habits takes time and effort and it makes it a lot easier if you have support. We ensure you are staying on track and making changes at a pace that is right for you.

On occasions, you may need one session to solve your issue, but generally it takes 6 to 10 sessions. You can organise to pay for 6-10 sessions up front at a 10% discounted price. Generally, we start with fortnightly health coaching sessions, which then become monthly sessions and then quarterly sessions. These sessions are carried out through ZOOM meetings. A face to face appointment can also be arranged at a 10% additional cost.

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