Nutrition & Lifestyle - Initial Session

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Product Overview

During your initial nutritional consultation we will gather information about your health history and detemine your nutritional status. We will take into consideration any chronic illnesses, medications, supplements, investigations/exams and blood test results that you may have. During this health coaching session we will work out an estimate of how many health coaching sessions are required. You will also come up with an achievable goal to be reviewed at the next health coaching session.

A detail analysis on all nutritional components will be performed. This will include proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fats. Apart from establishing a balanced diet we will also work towards introducing and eliminating foods to improve any underlying health conditions using nutrition and lifestyle changes.

All health coaching sessions aim to empower you by providing research based evidence and easy to follow explanations to show how health and lifestyle changes will benefit you. Our mission is to educate you to choose a balanced and healthy diet without relying on ongoing support.

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